TRE® Bodywork by Dr. David Berceli

Release - Rebalance - Renew

What is TRE® bodywork all about?

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Body memory

In the last couple of years I discovered through my work with horseriders, that  bodies go back into their old habbits and tension patterns.  I questioned myself how bodywork needs to be in order to resolve the issues on a deeper underlying level. 

I found  answers in the field of modern trauma research and studies about the psoas muscle.

The Psoas Muscle

The psoas-muscle is the major hip flexor and influences our ability to move our pelvis, lower back, hip joints and legs.  These areas are of great importance to feel flexible an free within our body. The psoas-muscle belongs to the group of stress and trauma related muscles. These muscles are subject to chronical tension.

The TRE®-Method can help to reduce tension in your body, enabling the body to let go and become pulsating and peaceful.

TRE®- Bodywork

The TRE®-Method which was developed by Dr. David Berceli (US) is a very effective method to get introduced to your own body patterns and shows you a way how to let go of deep tension.

The TRE®-Method activates self healing and self regulating mechanisms in the human body through a self induced body tremor.


Please mention that the  TRE®-Method is not meant to replace trauma therapy but can be a valuable additive.

TRE® Bodywork in Hamburg

In Hamburg there are group sessions on a reglar basis in German, but english speaking sessions can be arrange also. Feel free to contact me for your enquiry! Best via Email to: info(at)